© Middle East Technical University, Department of Foreign Language Education, Ankara Turkey Travel Information & Directions How can I plan my travel to Ankara? METU Location and Campus Map The conference will be held at Culture and Convention Centre at METU campus.  METU Guest House is within walking distance from the Conference Venue and from  the campus centre where restaurants, coffee shops, a pharmacy, banks, etc. are  located.     Ankara Esenboğa International Airport is 33 km (21 miles, about 40 minutes) from the  city centre. Airport shuttle (named as Havaş) from to the central bus terminal (named  as ASTİ) of Ankara are available; Havaş shuttle costs 10 Turkish Liras (around 4  euros, 6$). Havaş Shuttle Hours  Local EGO buses are also available from the airport every 20 minutes and it costs  around 5,5 TL (2,5 euros, 3 $) (Line number 442)   You do not need to buy tickets in advance; tickets are available on board and paid by  local currency.        From ASTI, you can take a metered taxi to the METU campus (ODTU in Turkish). It  costs roughly 16 Turkish Liras (6,5 Euros, 8,5 $).   The A1 and A2 entrance gates of METU campus are 7 km away from the city center  and they are nearby Eskişehir Highway.   Public Transportation options