Important Notice - Submissions should be written according to the guidelines provided by the committee; otherwise, it won’t be published. - Selected Publications will be published. - The conference proceeding will be published online. - The deadline for the full paper submission is November 30th. Proceedings Style Guideline    Please submit your papers and posters for the proceedings on the announced time.    Text Formatting:   Page Setup: Please use Word document, A4 portrait. Title: Titles should be 14 point, centered and boldface.   If you have subtitles, they should be justified to the left margin, 12 point, and boldface.  Author Names and Institutional Affiliation: Write your name and institutional affiliation centered under the  title, 12 point, Times New Roman.  Body Text: Please use Times New Roman, 12 point. Justify the lines of the text at both margins. Limit your  paper to 8 pages including references and appendices, use single space. Avoid using spacing before and  after paragraphs.  In paragraphing, use single indentation.    Footnotes: Please use endnotes instead of footnotes, 10 point, Times New Roman.    Referencing: Use the APA reference style throughout your paper and the reference section. Please refer to  the Fifth Edition of the APA Publication Manual for full details and more extensive examples.   Finalizing papers: After finishing your paper convert the word document to PDF format and submit it to the  following address.  The name of the PDF document should include the surname and the name of the author:  Example: “surname_name” The subject of the e-mail should include; Proposal Submission: the name and surname of the author. © Middle East Technical University, Department of Foreign Language Education, Ankara Turkey