© Middle East Technical University, Department of Foreign Language Education, Ankara Turkey The Conference Committee has booked a limited number of rooms at Aysel Sabuncu Life  Center (Aysel Sabuncu Yaşam Merkezi) for the conference participants.The participants who  want to stay at Aysel Sabuncu Life Center should make their own bookings contacting the hotel  themselves. The limited number of rooms arranged by the organizing committee are shown  below:  AYSEL SABUNCU LIFE CENTER           Located inside the campus of Middle East Technical University, Aysel Sabuncu has a capacity of 66 beds: 6 single suites, 6 two-person suites and 24 double rooms.There are refrigerators, telephones, central music system, cable TVs and 24 hour hot water in all rooms. For those who want to stay in the short term:          Room price includes breakfast.          Note: The information presented above has been extracted from the website: http://www.stm.metu.edu.tr/#AYSELSAB The brochure about Ayse Sabuncu Life Center can be downloaded from http://www.stm.metu.edu.tr/ayselsabuncu.pdf Başkent Öğretmenevi (Teachers’ Guesthouse) http://baskentogretmenevi.meb.gov.tr/genel.htm  Telephone number: (+90) 0 312 212 96 40 In Başkent Öğretmenevi  (Başkent Teachers’ Guesthouse), there are 290 rooms, 60 of which are double rooms. 200 of the rooms are twins and 20 of them are triple rooms. Prices for Başkent Teachers’ Guesthouse For other hotel arrangements, please refer to the following webpage: http://www.checkinturkey.com/ankarahotels.asp